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COVID Can’t Stop This!

This pandemic is a game changer

Things are different and there is so much uncertainty.

But people still want to get married, and celebrate milestones, birthdays and births.

It’s sooo important to help make that happen.  Safely and luxuriously.

That was never so evident to me as it was this weekend. First when I saw the smile on my 80 year old blessed mother when we celebrated her in the backyard.

Secondly, when I went to teardown a setup and the bride told me she didn’t know what to expect but when she saw the draping of her tent it was like a dream come true.

And lastly, the gigantic hug a client gave me when we provided what she needed to celebrate the life of her mother.  I mean if you can make someone happy during a memorial service, that’s something!

The services Eleven 11 Events provides to the community are needed.  Especially during these times. People need to celebrate. People need to feel special.  Making dreams come true, WOWING folks with designs and providing people with decor that has them smiling from ear to ear is what we do.

I will say it again. COVID CAN’T STOP THIS!!

We will celebrate, safely❤️

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